A performing musician with various bands and as a solo act for over three decades, Chuck Tourtillott has performed on guitar and vocals at clubs, bars, wineries, weddings, community events, schools, and charity benefits in many western states. With musical influences ranging from classic rock, blues, folk, and country, Chuck has developed a rich repertoire to share with his audiences. He first started teaching guitar when he was in high school, and over the years he has developed a variety of lesson plans that he uses to instruct beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced level players.

Chuck conducts lessons with a relaxed manner while inspiring students to work toward their goals. He teaches various styles and techniques aligned with what the student wants to learn, while effectively integrating a complete neck chord vocabulary, scales, practice exercises, playing by ear, and basic music theory into the lessons. His approach helps the student build an enriched knowledge of the guitar that will enable them to further develop their skills as they enjoy a lifetime of playing.

“I have always found that working with music, especially performing and teaching, has provided me with inspiration not only as a musician, but in all areas of my life. While growing up, nothing meant more to me that teaching myself how to play what my favorite artists were playing.  My musical pursuits have given me a lifetime of proud moments, and I want to help my students achieve the same results.”